Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Review: Revenge in Rio by Samantha Darling

Calculated revenge, unexpected passion…
Business magnate Luca Venancio is returning to Rio to pay his respects to his late brother, and to seduce his once fiancĂ©e, Daniella, back into his bed. Five years ago she left him without so much as a word, shunning him and the rich life he could offer in exchange for his younger, reckless brother. Now Luca wants revenge—seduce her and dump her, that's all he intends to do.
Blackmailed into a violent farce of a marriage, Daniella had no choice but to comply to protect Luca's life, even though it meant never being able to see him again. Years later, a twist of fate reunites them, throwing her plans of fleeing Rio out of the window and the love of her life straight back in.
Luca's flawless plan soon becomes complicated when he discovers Daniella is expecting his brother's child. It becomes even more complicated when old passions return. Can he actually go through with seducing her, bedding her, and then discarding her?

Image and video hosting by TinyPicFavorite quote: "He sat up straight, replaced his designer shades, and smiled to himself. If she wanted to play dirty, he was ready. Hardball was his strong point. It would make the revenge all that much sweeter, and he couldn't wait to taste it."

This is how I felt the entire time reading this novel. I seriously could not get over how amazing the writing was and how troubled both Luca and Daniella were. I love characters who have a past together, especially one as tricky as these two have. Daniella literally left Luca for Luca's brother and it killed him. It ripped him apart inside. 

But he still kept tabs on Daniella, even after she married his baby brother. He couldn't stay away from her. He loved her and hated her all at once. Once his brother died he went back for her. He wanted to break her heart. To rip her to shreds just like she hurt him. 

I LOVED IT. LOVED LOVED LOVED. I don't even have any other words for it. I loved how Luca struggled with his hate and love for Daniella, the entire book. And Daniella, wow. I loved her too. She was a fantastic character that I couldn't help but connect with. She has had things so incredibly tough, not mention she is pregnant with her asshole, deceased husband's baby. 
The entire book was just amazing. That's the only way I can put it. There was so much tension, so much hatred and love. 
When everything finally comes to a head between the two, I cried. That's right, I actually sat on the couch sniffling like a damned baby.

Darling delivered it perfectly though and I couldn't have been happier when the book ended with a HEA. 
This book was so amazing. You should go and buy it now. Seriously GO!

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