Sunday, December 22, 2013

Review: Weak For Him by Lyra Parish

"Have you heard the saying, 'sex sells'? Well, I'm the supplier."

Finnley Felton sells sex.
Jennifer Downs is a virgin.
With the help of lady luck, the two meet.

Money. Bright lights. Sex.

Jennifer is made an offer: sell her virginity to the highest bidder and transform into one of Finnley's girls. But she finds herself weak for him, and doesn't fully realize what she's agreed to until it's too late.

Will she rise to the challenge and play by the rules in a land where money is king and love is prohibited? Or will she lose herself and values in the attempt?

Weak for him is a New Adult Contemporary Romance with sexual content.

Holy fucking crap y'all!!!!!!!!! 

(I promise no spoilers because this book isn't out yet.)
I hardly have words to explain all of my feels for this book right now. I received an ARC from the author (thanks Lyra!!). I knew I would like it just by checking out the description. I knew it. Sex. Alpha male. Money. Dude, it was written for me. 
Finnley Felton is a total fucking asshole. (I'm pretty sure he's my soul mate). The way he treats Jennifer is emotionally confusing and sexually frustrating. In a good way. Their relationship is complicated and full of angst. I seriously LOVED every second of it. 
There were moments when I was so damn frustrated I couldn't handle it. I wanted to shout at my kindle. There were moments when I cheered. There was one moment where I wanted to cut Finnley's ball sack off. 
You'll know what I'm talking about when you get there. I'm still a little pissed off about it, LOL. 
Overall, I read this book in one sitting. I seriously couldn't put it down. There was one point where I had to pee and literally held it because my kindle needed to be on the charger and couldn't go with me. (LOL, that's when you know a book is awesome!) I really just loved every minute of this book and I can't wait to read the sequel. I know it is going to rock! 
If I could I would give this book like thirty more stars, y'all! <3 Seriously buy it when it comes out on January 15th!!!

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