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Wicked Erotica: Alien Seed

So this week I read ALIEN SEED by Alice Xavier. Here's a little about the book before I begin…and man… you won't want to miss this one!

Stranded in the desert after her car breaks down, Lacey has no reception and is all alone. When it all seems hopeless, something notices her on the side of the road, and it’s not a state trooper or a tow truck…

Lacey wakes up on an alien examination table, not yet aware of what’s in store for her. The shape-shifting aliens who have abducted her intend to use her fertile body to advance their species, and deliver untold pleasure while they’re at it! Can Lacey take all the pleasure they submit her to and withstand their monstrous onslaught?

Warning! This 8900 word story contains an orgasmic examination, bondage, and a rough gangbang by five alien monsters with exotic cocks, otherworldly oral, and plenty of tentacles. Mature audiences only.
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I've decided to add something to each Wicked Erotica post--the funniest quote. When it comes to sex in books, especially erotica, some descriptions get pretty wild and make me chuckle.

Funniest quote in ALIEN SEED:

"I didn't know what would happen if I didn't have one of those cocks… or one or more of those tentacles, filling and violating me soon." 

Yes, there were tentacles in this one. 

I want to start off by saying that I expected this be a nice tone down from last week's read TAKEN BY THE T-REX by Christie Sims…but I was WRONG. Very wrong. Incredibly, hopelessly wrong. If I thought jerking off a T-Rex was the craziest sex scene I would ever read…I was quickly proven wrong. 

Lacey is abducted in the desert after her car breaks down. She wakes up strapped to a table with ugly bug-like aliens probing her with machines. The aliens explain to her that she is an ideal specimen and that they are going to be using her for their breeding program. 
(Of course, this is after one of their machines stuffed her with a humming butt plug, which she was totally into.)
One of the aliens explains that they are all shape-shifters (there are five of them) and that they will shift into something that she finds more attractive. --At this point I'm thinking "WOO HOO! Here come the sexy men!" But no….just no. 
The aliens shift into…are you ready for this?… 

1. An black-scaled fish with a tentacle beard (i.e. Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean).
2. A hairy wolf-man. (i.e. Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf)
3. A massive panther with two ding-a-lings.
4. A massive ogre with six, beady, yellow eyes and huge-ass tusks. (i.e. Shrek after a couple hundred years of evolution)
5. And last but not least…please keep in mind that this one is my favorite, bahahaha… the KRAKEN!
dreamy, right?

Do you want to know the gory details? I don't think I need to tell you that things get freakin' nuts. The title for this book is appropriate, because there is a lot of sloshing, dripping, and squirting. (bahahaha am I grossing you out yet?)
The books ends with Lacey waking up in her car (which is now fixed, thanks to the shape-shifting horny aliens) to a note telling her that the breeding was successful, and for shits and giggles, they left one of the little munchkins in her (they took the rest, of course) as a memento. 

Overall, this book shocked me. It was NO way what I was expecting. 

My face did this a lot. 
 and this

So, should you read this book? OBVIOUSLY. How many times in life will you get the chance to read about a chick in a circle jerk orgy with the KRAKEN?! Uhm never! 

What's coming up next week:

Found this while browsing tonight. Looks like my cup of tea && I made sure there was no morphing or monster seed in this one!
Have you written some dirty erotica and want me to check it out? Or know of something that would fit well with these posts? Please contact me. I would love to hear from you!! <3

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