Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wicked Erotica: Sexing My Boyfriend's Dad

Welcome to my very first Wicked Erotica post. I am really excited to head out on this journey of reading freaky, wicked, and occasionally sick books. I hope you will enjoy the ride with me. --For those of you who didn't see my last post, click here for more info about my wicked erotica posts. 

As promised, today I am reviewing Sexing My Boyfriend's Dad by Kay Elty. 

Adult Content-- 18 and up only because this short includes lots of hot sex.

"On his family's couch, my boyfriend pounded into me. Lust vibrated through to my bones. Sweat shined on my pale skin. That length slipped in and out at a fast tempo, filling the air with wet slapping noises and driving me crazy.
His father had to hear us. . ."

Trinity just turned eighteen and graduated from high school. The world is ahead of her and she's ready to have sex. Follow her as she embarks on many Smut Adventures.

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I chose this book because of the obvious--the title. I've never read a book about a girl who has sex with her boyfriend's dad. Seriously. BUT I couldn't deny that it caught my attention, especially after I read the blurb. Talk about HOT. 
Anywho, this book is short (about 17ish pages). 
Trinity is a VERY vain new adult who like to fuck. Plain and simple. She likes to fuck so much, that when she gets the opportunity to have sex with her exceedingly sexy, and VERY married, boyfriend's dad, she takes it. BUT only for a price. Trinity wants to go somewhere with her life, but she doesn't have the money to get out of her hometown. Well, Big Papa has all the answers (she doesn't call him that, but it makes it funnier when I call him that, right?). He can help her out by signing his name to a big fat check--BUT only after she takes his big fat--are you catching my drift? 
All in all, I actually liked this story. Trinity is bitchy and horny, but that's just her character. Do I think the boyfriend's dad should have cheated on his wife and slept with her? Well, obviously NOT. But it did make for an entertaining read. 
Overall I enjoyed this book. It was definitely wicked and worth the 99 cents I paid. 

What's Coming Up:

Next week I'm going to dive in and do it... YUP I'm going to be reading some of the new Dino Erotica. I'm a little scared. Stayed tuned!

Have you written some dirty erotica and want me to check it out? Or know of something that would fit well with these posts? Please contact me. I would love to hear from you!! <3

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