Friday, November 15, 2013

Wicked Erotica: Taken By the T-Rex

It's that time of the week again! This week's Wicked Erotica book was something dirty that has been causing a serious stir in the erotica world. Yup, I did it. I actually went out and bought TAKEN BY THE T-REX by Christie Sims. BUT before I start dishing on this dirty read, check out the info on the book.

Warning: This is a tale of beast sex. This story was written to unlock your darkest fantasies and innermost desires. It is not for the faint of heart and is not your mother's erotica. All of the sexual descriptions found in this book are very explicit in nature. It's not suitable for someone under 18 years of age. Read at your own risk.

Drin is her tribe’s chief huntress; she lives for the thrill of the hunt. Men and sex hold no allure for her, as Drin has never found a partner to satisfy her. When a T-Rex descends upon her village, destroying it, Drin demands that the tribe’s hunters go in search of the beast and slaughter it. Opting for safety instead of revenge, the tribe moves to a new location, hoping that the big beast won’t follow them.
It does.
Drin taunts the beast, giving her tribes mates time to flee. As she runs, leading it through a gauntlet of traps, the thrill of the hunt soars through her blood, leaving her wet with desire. When the angry T-Rex corners the huntress in a box canyon, it seems more interested in her wet womanhood than in her flesh.            Buy on Amazon

Sounds pretty crazy, right? I'm going to be totally honest. I was pretty terrified to read this. All I could imagine in my mind was some seriously violent vagina ripping sex. 

I mean, come on. I've seen Jurassic Park. A T-Rex is a BIG mother effer. There's no way he has a small wanker. Just cause he has small arms doesn't mean he has a small thang, right? 

Starting off the book we meet Drin who has just tragically lost her mother and friends to a vicious lizard (the t-rex). Now, we don't just get the knowledge that her mother died. Oh, no. We get to witness Drin looking down on her mother's half-eaten body, with blood splattered everywhere. 

(I was going to put a bloody gif here, but I decided to spare you this time ;))

Drin is, of course, devastated. Her and her tribe move to get away from the potential threat of the beast coming back for them. Of course he does come back and Drin distracts him away from the tribe. When the beast follows her she gets aroused…
I had to put this pic. Bahahahahahaha

 When he catches her, he doesn't kill her. Naturally, he wants to have sexy time with her. Crazily enough Drin is all for this massive baby t-rex (Oh, did I forget to mention this is a very young dino? So Drin is a stone-age cougar). 
They don't actually have sex, even being a youngin' his monster junk is way too big for that. Instead he holds Drin suspended in mid-air. She wraps her arms around his gigantic thing and does a monster jerk-off. 
Not what you were expecting, right? 

Well, shit, me either.

All in all, this book was nuts on about every level that has ever existed. It's not often I read a book that has a heroine that gets freaky with the dinosaur that ate her mom. 

With that being said, I am going to base my rating on several different things. 1. Christie Sims gets an A for originality and the guts to publish something like this. 2. I can honestly say I was entertained until the very end of the book, albeit I was freaked out and a little terrified, I was never bored. 
Therefore, I give it 3 stars. Do I think you should read it? HECK YEAH. Live a little. 

What's coming up:
Next week I've decided to read ALIEN SEED by Alive Xavier. Sounds pretty freakin' wild and nasty, right? I stumbled across this book on Amazon today. It's actually gotten some pretty good reviews. So we will see. 

Have you written some dirty erotica and want me to check it out? Or know of something that would fit well with these posts? Please contact me. I would love to hear from you!! <3

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